A Belgian Waffle by Any Other Name...

A Belgian Waffle by Any Other Name...

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only person who thinks about waffles 18 hours a day and then falls asleep to dream about them the other 6? Thus, it comes as no surprise that I went down a rabbit hole to figure out if Belgian waffles or Belgium waffles is correct. As far as I can tell they both are, although I would defer to Belgian waffle which would be like saying American waffle, vs Belgium waffle, which is like saying United States waffle. Would anyone ever say United States waffle? Anyhoo, I digress. 

If you walk into any Belgium waffle shoppe, you will not see Belgian waffles as a menu option. You will see Brussels waffles and Liege waffles – the true Belgian/Belgium waffles! What is the difference you ask? If you’ve had the typical fluffy diner waffle, that is the American version of a Brussels waffle. A true Brussels waffle is a yeasted batter, and the mass-produced American version is in reality more like a pancake mix. (In fact, most restaurants just pour pancake mix into a waffle iron and call it a Belgian waffle. Sigh.) 

Meanwhile, I hope you have experienced the deliciousness that is the Queen of all waffledom – the liege waffle. I won’t bore you with the fascinating history, but if you want to waffle nerd out – here it is. A liege waffle is made from a yeasted DOUGH – not a batter – producing a dense, sweet waffle that is sturdy enough to be a waffle on the go or refined enough to add all your favorite toppings, savory or sweet.

And if you have NOT experienced liege waffles, we are here to help. Take a spin around our shop. In addition to our usual favorites and seasonal offerings, we even have plant based liege waffle options to satisfy your vegan Belgian waffle cravings. 

Thanks for waffling with us,