How My Side Hustle Became My Main Squeeze

How My Side Hustle Became My Main Squeeze

I am about a month past leaving my “day job” and about a month away from opening my waffle cafe. This waffle thing, it was only supposed to be a side hustle that would slide into the perfect retirement gig in 20 years. It was supposed to just fill the void left by our only child leaving for college. It was supposed to be more hobby than business venture. Little did we know the waffle fans wanted so much more!

We knew that we would leave the frozen tundra of Connecticut once our kiddo went to college. (If I never touch snow again it will be too soon.) We picked St Petersburg in part because: A: 345 days of sunshine a year and B -  it has such a vibrant small business community and so many markets where vendors can start small. Little did I know that the pop up tent would turn into a wholesale business. And that would turn into Blossom the Waffle Truck. And THAT would turn into a new production facility and cafe. 

I’ve worked with food my entire life. Biscuit making at 3 years old, Wendy’s drive through at 14 and the dozen or more restaurants between then and now. Working in food was always my fallback in between “real” jobs. So I’ve been punching a clock for a really long time. But along came the pandemic. And the realization that I only have one chance on this planet to do things I love. So I tucked in my risk averse tendencies, and walked away from a REALLY GREAT JOB on December 17 to chase this crazy dream full time. Every day feels like being in the middle of the ocean. I can’t swim back. I can’t tread water. I can only go forward. If you’d like to follow along my journey - I’m documenting here, here and here.

Thanks for waffling with us,