Mom's Love Waffles

Mom's Love Waffles

Ahhhh … Mother’s Day. My memories include beautiful homemade cards and lovingly prepared (but often poorly executed) breakfasts in bed by my well-meaning child and spouse. When the little turn into a tween the memories include packed restaurants and overrun servers trying to handle the onslaught of guests. (Again – more poorly executed breakfasts!)

By the time the kiddo was a teen – I convinced my family to celebrate the big day the DAY BEFORE, which means I got a great meal, with no crowds, and best of all – I got to sleep in on Mother’s Day. (Pro tip to Moms – try this ASAP!)

Mother’s Day is special to me, not only because of my amazing daughter Rachel, but because a Mother’s Day long ago was when I received my dream Belgian waffle iron which laid the foundation for Pop Goes the Waffle. #yay

Speaking of liege waffles, let us help you reduce stress this year with an easy Mother’s Day breakfast. The Momsy is our Mother’s Day gift signature box of liege waffles. Six lemon-poppy seed waffles and six vanilla waffles. Just toast to perfection, add seasonal fruit, a dollop of whipped cream and Mom’s favorite beverage. Add adoring kids with cards = Best Mother’s Day Ever!


Orders for The Momsy close April 25 and boxes will ship May 2-4 only!