Welcome to Blueberry Bliss

Welcome to Blueberry Bliss

Can you believe it’s already February? I feel like I blinked on New Year’s Eve and missed the entire month of January. But to be fair, life has been busy. If you’ve been following our social media channels, you’ve seen the stressful (yet happy) chaos that is me moving Pop Goes the Waffle to a beautiful new location in Gulfport, Florida. It’s taken more than two years to find a space that would work, with a lease we could (maybe) afford. And it’s been 11 months since I first set foot inside the building. I had no idea that the process of commercial lease negotiation, owner upgrades and repairs, city permits, and inspections and delivery of goods could take so long. My bestie Bev told me to be ready for twice the timeline and twice the budget and she was right!

Even with all the intense moving activity, we found time to launch our latest waffle flavor. It’s one our waffle fans have been clamoring for. Fats Domino infamously crooned “I’ve found my thrill on Blueberry Hill.” He probably wasn’t talking about waffles, but we sure are because it is blueberry waffle season at Pop Goes the waffle. We took our tried-and-true liege waffle recipe and folded in plump, bursting with flavor blueberries. Because liege waffles have the sweetness baked in due to Belgian pearl sugar, no syrup or toppings are needed. This is a waffle you can walk with - a waffle on the go. (However, we won’t stop you if you want to gild the lily with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.)  You can find our new blueberry liege waffles here. Order now for waffle delivery straight to your door. And if you want to try more than just blueberry, The Waffler has 4 of our most popular waffle flavors.

Thanks for waffling with us,